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Alternative meat free, deliciously tasting vegan food.
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Vegan Brand

Welcome to Alternatively Vegan, we are a family owned vegan business based in the North of England.


Over the last few years we have been creating and

perfecting our deliciously tasting alternative, meat free vegan foods that are all hand made using the finest vegan ingredients available.


We are proud to be ready to supply and sell our own range of Alternatively Vegan meat free vegan foods, Including:

The Alternatively Vegan food range is due to expand in the near future as we add more items.

Alternatively Vegan Marketplace

Not only have Alternatively Vegan spent the last few years creating and perfecting deliciously tasting vegan food.


We have also been creating our own Vegan Menu !!

Thats right, Alternatively Vegan has had made a mobile food stall and we will be attending food and drink events throughout the North of England from 2023.


We are also currently in talks about the possibillity of opening several Alternatively Vegan franchise restaraunts throughout the United Kingdom.


If you would like to keep up to date about the Alternatively Vegan Franchise opportunity then please sign up .



Food Stall